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Csilla Florida is a versatile painter who works in watercolor, acrylics and mixed media.  She is excited to add oils to her repertoire in the near future.  Her work has a range of realism to impressionism with some hints of abstract.  Starting out as a watercolorist, Csilla studied at the University of Colorado, attended numerous workshops, and studied under the tutelage of an internationally known and award winning artist, AJ Schexnayder for 4 years.  Her watercolor style developed over the years creating color, textures and interesting subject matter. “I love to experiment and try new techniques.”

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 Csilla lived in many overseas locations throughout her life due to her husband’s work.  One of their assignments landed them in Indonesia, and it was there that she met another influential artist, Rosie Turnbull, who introduced her to acrylics.  Csilla was enamored with what acrylics could do and her work started to become larger and impressionistic with lots of color and texture.  She has been tremendously influenced by the cultures she lived in and many of her paintings have infused those cultures.   "Every painting tells a story, even if it is different to each viewer.  One example is a beautiful patterned painting of a worker in the salt flats in Indonesia (you can see this painting in the acrylics tab).  An Indonesian lady looked at the painting with tears in her eyes and told me the painting brought back many memories of the area where she grew up and where her family had worked.  Another lady purchased the painting because it reminded her of her visit to the salt fields and the incredible people that worked there. 

 Csilla sold another painting to a semi-blind man in Norway.  “I will never forget the look on his face as he was feeling the texture with his hands on my painting of a landscape he was familiar with.  He was very excited about the painting because he could see with his hands and he purchased it immediately.  This is what makes painting so worthwhile to me and this is what motivates me to paint”.

 The unique combination of elements Csilla Florida brings to her work- artistic, personal, cultural, and professional- gives her the credibility of an original.  While each individual piece has a story, it also speaks for itself in the quality and originality she presents.  Csilla has exhibited internationally; won awards, has had commissions, and placed her work in private collections throughout the world.

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