Original Art work and Art prints 

Paintings for sale

​​Paintbrush impressions

Csilla Florida Fine Art

"Floating Flower"

Watercolor on hand enhanced paper

​15" x 11"


Mixed Media on Canvas

​25.5" x 15.5"

"Rug Interactions"

Watercolor on Paper

30"  x 22" 

"Autumn Reflections"

Acrylic on linen canvas panal

8' x 10"                    

"Quaint and Purple"  

Mixed Media on linen panel  

11" x 14"

"Snowy Deer"

Oil on Linen Canvas Panel

11" x 14"

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"Golden Flurries"

Acrylic on Canvas

23.5" x 25.5"   

"Aspen Initials"  

Acrylic on Canvas  

50 x 100cm  

-----See the impressions my paintbrush has created